Modern life is full of extreme complexities. So I have a theory. In peace time, democratic governments, like the USA, UK, don't 'govern' in the way most of us understand. Rather, they react to what happens, then make changes to compensate.

In war time, usually, there's a single leader or small group who might take many decisive decisions. So, that's government, rather than reacting to events. Times of war forces simplicity on complex scenarios.

We like to think that 'battling a pandemic' is much like a war. This pandemic has been and still is appalling for some. Yet it hasn't had effects like Ebola, bubonic plague of the middle ages, smallpox. So governments react and adjust as best they can.

Some governments react better. Some governments have better tools for dealing with pandemics. Some governments have more resources. Nurses, doctors, and others are amazing. Yet, it seems, only when our fundamental survival is at stake do many of us find the mettle to outperform.

A mystery. Possibly a time-traveller from the future, come back to learn more and experience something different. Or not :-)